VBDeploy is an easy solution for deploying applications to computers.

VBDeploy 2.5


VBDeploy allows you to batch install multiple programs on your computer without interruptions, with widespread support for almost all types of installers.

File Types Supported

  • Windows Installer (.MSI)
  • Windows Update (.MSU)
  • Executable Installer (.EXE)
    • Wise
    • Wix
    • NSIS
    • Inno
    • Custom
  • Batch (.BAT and .CMD)
  • Many other types

Command line options for VBDeployRunner.exe:
VBDeployRunner.exe [configfilepath] [nofinishedmessage]

Command line options for VBDeployNetInstall.exe:
VBDeployNetInstall.exe [ipaddress]

New version 2.5 features

  • Network Install

New version 2 features

  • Progress bar
  • Dark theme
  • Log file
  • Log view
  • Toggle log and task list
  • More installers

If you find any bugs, contact us and we will fix them.


VBDeploy Network Install

VBDeploy Runner

VBDeploy Creator

VBDeploy Server

VBDeploy Creator Settings

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